How to Speed Up Your Android Phone (Faster Than New)

In order for you to work at your productive best, you would like your devices workingat their optimal level.

And so in today's video,I'm gonna show you how to more than double thespeed of your Android phone.

Whether it is a n older Android device or maybe if it's a fresh phone.

Hello everyone, Scott Friesen here at Simpletivity helpingyou to urge more done and luxuriate in less stress.

And as you're navigating through the different apps and different places that you need to be within your phone, you may notice that there's a bit of a zoom in or a zoom out feature. 

And this can take as much as a second, perhaps even a little longer depending on the age of your phone. Well in today's video,I wanna show you how to change that so you cansee a drastic difference in your phone's performance. 

We need to do is weneed to get a

Settings. Now your settings may look alittle bit different than mine. 

I'm showing you this exampleon my Samsung S9 phone, but I'm gonna tell youexactly what you need to look for and where you need to go. 

So within Settings, youwanna scroll most likely to the bottom of yoursettings, and we wanna click on About Phone. 

And what we're looking for issomething called Build Number.

 Now on my device, I see abunch of other numbers here. I see Phone Number, ModelNumber, Serial Number, I don't see the Build Number yet. 

what I have to do is I haveto click one more level down into Software Information. 

And once I click on Software Information, there I can find within the middle of the screen my Build Number.

 Now this is where itgets really really cool. We're gonna tap Build Number seven times. So I'm gonna go one, two, three, and after about the third one I get amessage, oh I'm three steps away from being a developer. T

steps away from being a developer. One step away. On my last tap, it's gonnaask me for my PIN number. I'm gonna enter that in just to make sure. And now Developer Mode has been enabled.

 You're probably saying whaton earth does that mean? Well if I go back to themain Settings screen, you will see that I nowhave one more option below About Phone, and thisis called Developer Options.

 If we click on Developer Options, we get a slew of really cool tools and extra things that we will do to our phone. Now some of these thingsyou may wanna be careful about in terms of what you want to tweak just to make sure of your comfort level.

 But what I'm gonna show you today is perfectly safe. 

We wanna scroll downuntil we see something which will be labeled Drawing asyou see here in my settings. It may be labeled a littlebit different on yours, but the key words we're looking for are anything that saysAnimation in the title. And here I've got three grouped together. Window Animation Scale,Transition Animation Scale, and Animator Duration Scale. You can see that they are ready to 1x. 

That's they're default level,1x as in 100% or one times. Well what we can do is we can go in here and we can actually turn theanimations off completely. Let me show you how that works.

 I'm gonna turn off the animationsfor all three of these, and now when I go backand I start going back and forth between myapps, it's instantaneous. Boom, boom, boom nomatter where I want to go, I'm going immediately within those apps. 

Now that is the fastestthat you're gonna find here when it involves turning off animation, but which may be a littlejarring for a few of you. 

So let's go back intoour Developer settings and I'm gonna set itto .5 this time around

 Now remember that's still gonna be twice as fast as the default setting. So with those three set at .5, if I go back out here, I still have that slight animation effect,but it is so much faster. And what's better yet isthat you're gonna notice this speed difference evenwithin certain apps, right? 

Even as you're functioning as new things are opening, as you're transitioning within particular apps,you're gonna notice it's gonna be so much faster. 

So I would encourage you toturn on Developer Options and tweak your animation scale. And better yet share this with a friend or a colleague, they're gonna think it's so cool that you're unlocking a special level in a video game or you're unlocking a special code. Show them how to turnon Developer Options. 

You will look like an Android pro. Thank you so much forwatching today's video. I hope that you foundit useful and helpful.

 Be sure to subscribe right hereto the Simpletivity channel and remember being productivedoes not got to be difficult. In fact, it's very simple.

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