3 Myth about YouTube Trending , How you can trend on YouTube

Here today with a special myth busting artical, covering YouTube trending

Now we've seen a lot of questions and myths popping up in the comments. 

And wanted to take some timetoday, to address those? But, I got roasted lasttime for jumping directly into the questions without providing background.

 So first I'm gonna start byletting you know the goals of YouTube trending. 

So the goal is really toprovide a set of videos that a wide range of viewerswould find appealing. 

And this includes videos that are, showcasing the diversity of the platform, performing exceptionally well compared to other videos on the platformor other videos on the channel. 

Aren't click baity, misleading, sensational, and also are, indicativeof the culture and trends, that are popular on theplatform at the time.

 Now what's important aboutthis list of videos is that, one, it's gonna be the samefor every viewer in a country. So unlike suggested or watch next, it's not personalized by the user, but rather is personalized to the country. Also the video list isn't static. 

So it will updateroughly every 15 minutes, so that we're showcasingthe ever-changing nature of our platform,Cool. 

So with that, I do wannajump into our first myth. The only way to show upon trending is basically to pay YouTube or know someemployee of the company. 

And, obviously this isn't true. We don't accept payment toshow up on trending and, he don't have any favoritismor show any favoritism, towards creators when consideringeligibility of trending. Instead, what we dolook at are things like, view count, how quickly thevideo is generating views, where the views are comingfrom, including off Y 

 The age of the video. And as I mentioned earlier, how the video is performing compared to, recent uploads from the same channel. 

And what we do is we combineall these signals together, to produce a list that showcases, the culture, trends what's happening onthe platform at the time. 

And because of this, it doesn't mean thatvideos with the most views are gonna be ranked number one, but actually it's possible atthe top video on the platform on trending, could have fewer views than, video at number five, six, seven. 

Videos below it. And in addition to it avoidcreators being able to, run ads, to drive a bunch ofviewership to their video, to be more eligible for trending, we actually exclude any paidviews from our eligibility criteria.

 Now, with all that being said, we are very careful aboutwhat shows up on trending. And so we do have filtersto ensure videos that, contain excessiveprofanity, extreme violence, mature content, or are disparagingothers in our community, don't show up. And as part of this, we have a dedicated staffin the US and other locales, that's involved as a final filter, to ensure safety and appropriatenessof the content served.

 Let's jump into our next myth. This one's kind of connectedto the previous one. It basically says thatYouTube trending is only for late night talk showhosts or big creators. And I wanna start by addressingthe late night talk show hosts, piece first. We've heard this loudand clear and actually in most major markets, what we do, is ensure that at half of thevideos featured on trending, are from homegrown YouTube first creators. Now when it comes to, trending only being for bigger creators, one I would go back to whatI said earlier, which is, that we provide no biasand no favoritism towards any particular type of creator, when it comes to eligibilityto show up on trending. But more importantly, we also house creator on therise and artists on the rise on the trending tab. And if you're not familiar what these are, basically, slots where upand coming creators can be featured for a fullday, on the trending tab. This is a great way forthem to get exposed to a new audience, and find new viewers. And so if you'd like to hearmore about those programs, I'm happy to do a morein-depth video about them, down the line. Definitely comment if you wanna see that. Okay. The next question is kind ofconnected to this previous one, but it's creators asking,

 "Is there a set time or agolden hour for me to upload my videos to make it more likelythat there'll be shown on trending?" 

And the answer here is no, the list is updated every 15 minutes. So roughly every 15 minutes, you have a chance ofshowing up on trending. What's more important isactually to think about how your audience consumes videos. So, when is the majorityof your audience awake? When are they most likelyto watch the content? And what is their expectation? 

Do you tend to post Mondays at 2:00 PM, then you probably shouldcontinue to post your videos Monday at 2:00 PM, versus throwing them acurve ball and putting a video out at, two in the morning, three in the morning, that sort of thing.

 And the last question is kindof a surprising one, but, we've heard a few creatorsask us if they can opt out of trending, and what we don't currentlyallow anything like that. We do recommend thatanyone who has concerns about being shown on trending, reach out to us and let usknow the details of their experience, so that we can work toaddress them and overcome any issues you're experiencing. 

For now, that's everything for me, definitely let us know in thecomments, if this was helpful. And also if you have additionalquestions about trending or myths you'd like to see busted, or any other topics you'd like us to cover in future Creator Insider videos. Until then, stay safe and keep it real. 

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